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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Warrior Wednesday: Is Your Job Making You Sick? Admit it, You Hate Your Job!

It is Warrior Wednesday: If You Hate Your Job, It May Be Making You Sick? Find Out Why & How... "One Event can Change Your Life Forever! Could this be it?" ~ Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock
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It is Monday morning or Tuesday or Wednesday and your alarm clock ticktock its way into your dreamland...time to get up and be ready for work. Yet, you lay in that bed looking at the clock, wishing that the time would just turn back because the truth be told, you really do not want to go to that place of work.
Welcome aboard the boredom ship! You are not alone! "Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” ― Zig Ziglar
If you hate your job, you are not alone! In 2013, Forbes released results of employee polls, which they did worldwide. According to the Gallup reports released that year, there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who love their jobs. When they polled 25 million employees in 189 in different countries, 13 % of the workers feel engaged by their jobs! They defined “feeling engage” as having a sense of passion for their work, a deep connection to their employer, and as such spend their days driving innovation to move the company forward. 63% are “not engaged”, meaning they are unhappy but not drastically so. They regarded themselves as “checked out” and sleep walk through their days, and putting little energy into their work. In addition, 87% of workers worldwide who are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces are less likely to be productive (Forbes.com).
Are you part of the statistics who hate their job? Then check this out.
"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." - Jimmy Dean

Do you also know that the more you hate your job, the more it could affect your physical and emotional health? The problem is no gender specific either!  

Physical symptoms
which could manifest when you hate your job can include 2 or more of the following:
* You wake up in the morning and you are extremely tired.
* You are constantly stressed out
*You feel bouts of pain deep down in your stomach and the origin is unknown
*Do you know that you can also develop ulcers when you are overly stressed out and overworked? *Migraines have been known to manifest with some people

Mental symptoms
which could manifest when you hate your job can include 2 or more of the following:
*You may begin to loose your direction/focus.
*Depression often sets in for many
*Discontentment with life in general and desperation to leave their job
*The feeling of being stuck in one place is magnified and manifests as a sick heart
*You can become incredibly unhappy which could also turn into rage/anger for some
*Become constantly afraid of failure and unsure if what they desire to do, after retirement
*Many experience complete despair, anxiety, and frustration.
*Your biggest risk of staying at a job which makes you sick is your LIFE!

There are now medical reports which indeed show that doing what you hate can literally shorten your lifespan! if you know that, is anything then worth dying for?

         "Kate is a classic case of someone who is miserable and yet won't do anything to change her situation"
~Read her story.

Kate is a 45 year-old financial analyst who had just joined one of the largest financial institutions as an executive. Everyone in her family is happy for her, as they believes she truly has arrived and was now climbing the corporate ladder. More importantly, she was now earning high 6 figures. It is two months into the job and Kate hates it! She hates the environment; she hates the people she works for! She just hates everything about it. For the first time in Kate's life, she truly believe she had made the wrong choice of joining this institution. She goes in to work constantly doubting her own abilities, something she'd never one before. Kate feels like a misfit,. she knows she is disconnected, and she cries every time she steps into the building. One day, I stumbled upon Kate and asked her what the problem was. She explained her misery and more importantly her dilemma~ she already feels stuck because all of her friends and family particularly her husband feels she got a "great gig" and she just needed to tough it out! She on the other hand has concluded she would be happier doing something else. Bottomline, the decision was hers to make! Sadly, she is yet to make the decision. Kate comes to work with one ailment or the other day in and day out. She tells me she has decided to just accept this is her cross in life, as no one in her family supports her leaving the job for another one she believes she would be happier in.

Are you in the same boat like Kate? Here is a truth I would like you to consider, Warriors tell the truth about their situation. They face it head-on and do whatever it takes to quench the fire of misery in their lives.

I always ask my clients this pivotal question as they make up their minds what they need to be doing.. if you die today, will your position at the place of work remain empty because of their loyalty to the company while you were alive or would they fill it as promptly as possible.

Are you feeling any of these symptoms?
If so, it is time to take a very close look at what you are doing and make a bold decision:
(1). Will I continue to stay where I am and be miserable for the rest of my work life or will I take the plunge and do what I truly know I am called to do? Here are some of the benefits of doing what you love:

Doing what you love allows you to make a huge impact in the world. You become part of the "elect" group who change their world by sharing their gifts/talents with the world. Not only that, they immerse wealth and are successful as they share their expertise with the world.

There is an incredible amount of power in living ones' genius out! You are content, void of fear of failure, full of energy, and ready to take on the world with boldness and confidence. Many of us do desire to make a difference in the world. Without figuring this part out, it will be virtually impossible to help someone else.
The best way to get ride of being sick from your job is to reduce stress! " Life isn't about finding yourself but about creating yourself" - George Bernard Shaw
My nuggets of wisdom (A Success Blueprint for today) to help you on your journey to getting rid of being sick at work:
(1). Make up your mind! Make up your mind! Did I say make up your mind? YES, MAKE UP YOUR MIND?
(2). Discover or rediscover what makes you happy
(3). Find ways to reignite your passion or true calling
(4). Live your life full of passion with intent
(5). Surround yourself with your Dream makers (
6). Education is key! You cannot go it alone! Find someone who can guide you through the process of this discovery!

It's time to release your genius! Welcome to the rest of your life, where all things are possible! happy-people                                                move better feel better play better

My Question(s) for YOU today:

(1). What is my TRUTH TODAY on how I really feel about what I am currently doing?
(2). What is the LIE I have been telling myself, why I am still in that same situation?
(3). What is ONE STEP I can take today to begin the process of getting unstuck?

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Until Next time, Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, and Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, RN, DNP

Nurse Turned Author, Screenwriter, Speaker, Wellness & Transformation Expert

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