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Saturday, February 21, 2015


"It is a great honor to share with you about Tisanes.  It has been a great pleasure to work with them and I'm excited at the growth that will take place in 2015. After reading please visit the website and support one of our gifted entrepreneurs".  Yolanda Shields ~ Author Speaker Coach
Roslynn Webb, MD is a fellowship trained Pediatric Anesthesiologist, with a BS in Chemistry, who creates herbal blends.  She has been a Professional Member of the American Botanical Council (ABC) since launching her online business, Tisanes “Natural Cure Teas”, in 2014.  The medical research data linked to ABC’s website serves as a guideline for creating every product sold.  Organic growers from around the world supply the ingredients for every herbal blend.  
Her passion for blending herbs for medicinal use began in 2007, when Dr. Rozz searched for personal relief from symptoms of Crohn’s disease.  Lemon balm became a garden favorite that tremendously helped.  Just a few fresh leaves in a cup with warm water ‘semi controlled’ symptoms for day.  Today, Tisanes’ blends have much more depth and flavor.  After years of developing homemade blends for relief from several ailments, she is making her blends available to the world.  

While Dr. Rozz does not diagnose symptoms nor guarantee cures to disease, her goal is to assist customers in restoring and maintaining optimal health. Ultimately, she hopes to establish her blends as a source of healing for those who seek restoration of health by using non-traditional medical practices.  

Dr. Rozz is often described as someone who loves Jesus, mission work, and all things pertaining to gardening!  As such, the heart of Tisanes will always gear to partner with those dedicated to Christian evangelical mission work.  Stay tuned for more philanthropy partnerships coming soon.

Contact Dr. Rozz via email at roslynn@naturalcureteas.com  

Products can be purchased on her website, www.naturalcureteas.com 


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