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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Warrior Wednesday: "Warriors Never Give Up!" ~ Inspired by a Sister's Walk across the Selma Bridge

"Are you a Warrior? Then You Never Give Up!"

Have you ever woken up and felt like a ton of bricks weighing on your chest? Perhaps, you are in a season now where it just seems like all your effort are amounting to nothing and you feel completely overwhelmed and you sometimes wished you could just lay in bed and not get up, hoping your worries will go away with your catatonic self~

Well, NEVER GIVE UP was the phrase at the Selma Walk this past week. And thanks to my Southern Warrior Sister~ Maxine Donaldson Holt who wrote a piece on her personal experience walking across the bridge, we are able to feel the spirit of that day. "NEVER GIVE UP!" What a simple phrase yet powerful in nature if we allow it to soak into our being.

Hello family, IT IS WARRIOR WEDNESDAY and this is your sister welcoming you to yet another
blog episode.

I spent few minutes just reading and re-reading the words of my Southern warrior sister, Maxine and I was inspired to pay it all forward with this piece. This picture is certainly more than any preacher could have said. If you are in a situation right now where many things are not adding up for you...

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Employee Engagement and your Companies ROI

An old wives tale insists that happy employees are productive employees. A modern twist to this old metaphor suggests that an engaged employee is a profitable employee. In today’s constant battle of the talent war and rising administrative costs employers cannot afford to have anything less than engaged employees. This is difficult to achieve for what satisfies one employee may not necessarily satisfy the next. The trick then is to ensure that companies have strategies and programs that offer variety of opportunities to stimulate engagement







According to Gallop, Inc., a leading research-based performance-management consulting company, the remaining 70% of U.S. employees are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged.” These people “are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive,” reports Gallop. “Currently, 52% of workers are not engaged, and worse, another 18% are actively disengaged in their work. Gallup estimates that these actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity.”




Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Warrior Wednesday: 7 Attributes of “Warriors” which Make Them a “Slam Dunk” Success!

It’s Warrior Wednesday: What are the 7 Attributes of “Warriors “which Make them a “Slam Dunk” Success?
A Warrior girl knows when to go to war and when to be still
  source: adjunct professor

A “Warrior” Knows when to go to war and when to be still for the battle to be won! Do You?
I woke up this morning with the word “Warrior” on my mind and try to imagine what the word really means. A warrior is “a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.”  When you go by this definition, then you know naturally that there will be some wars/battles which you will engage in.

But being a “warrior” does not entail being in a battle alone.  On the other hand, there are many times we desperately want to avoid confrontations and battles all for the sake of peace and harmony. This may be at our own peril! As there are just some battles we must fight and win if we must move to our next success level.

“We will not win a battle, neither will be succeed at anything if we are passive aggressive in our relationships, or adopt a passive aggressive pose when we choose to do things our own way and not pay attention to all the hurdles life is placing in our path.”

A True Warrior understands that Passive Aggressiveness is a Poison, which if allowed to fester in his or her life will cause great frustration, self pity-party, and so much pain!

Warrior Nurses         
source:  senzell
      “Adapt the Heart of a True Warrior in Everything You Do and You Will Soar Like an Eagle.”

Being “Warrior spirited” reflects someone who maintains an honorable place amongst his or her peers.  When you are a true warrior, you exercise “insight” to things which pertain to life. Without “insight”, anyone including those who may choose to be called warriors will “miss their lifeboat.” And the truth be told, we need the warrior spirit to survive many of the obstacles that life often throws our way.

                                                       “Live Your Life Like a Warrior”

The following are the true attributes of a warrior:
(1). A True warrior listens!
(2). A True warrior respects him/herself and others around them
(3). A True Warrior is Submissive and Attentive
(4). A True Warrior is Humble
(5). A True Warrior Learns to Serve Others without any Hidden Agenda
(6). A True Warrior Tells the Truth
(7). A True Warrior Discerns Seasons and walk that path

It really doesn’t matter what type of warrior you are, be it Spiritual Warrior, Wisdom Warrior; as a warrior , you must understand things as they are and just rest in the process. As a warrior, you are constantly on the fence, praying, watching on behalf of others or yourself. You are ready for war, if it comes to your door step, but most importantly, YOU ARE PREPARED!

Preparation takes time, effort, diligence, commitment, dedication, self-less attitude and most of all, patience.

Above all, a TRUE WARRIOR confronts issues head on and understand the need to have a group of other warriors around him or her, to maneuver through life. “No man is an island.” When you find yourself in a place where you believe you must do things alone… when others do not matter to you and you begin to adapt the spirit or mentality of a “lone ranger,” know that you are on a path of destruction.

What do you do when you discover you are no longer adapting the TRUE Warrior Spirit?
(1). Turn back and trace your steps back!
(2). Surrender
(3). Be Patient
(4). Be Still
(5). Reach out to others who have been there and can help you
(6). Listen! Listen! Listen!

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A Big Shout Out to All of My Southern Warrior Sister Tribe for being their authentic self.

Until Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value & Be Authentic

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