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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The 4 Dream Killing Habits You Must Avoid Before Launching that Dream Idea by Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock

What are the 4 Dream Killing Habits You Must Avoid before Launching that Dream Idea! by Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, RN, Ph.D.

As we move swiftly through this year, many are excited about the ideas ruminating in their heads, some are confused not knowing where to begin their journey, others do not simply know what their assignment for this season is, while we have those who truly believe they have finally found their life purpose and now it is time to take action!

Hold up for a second! You might want to listen to this podcast and read this blog before you jump off your ship to take action!

Podcast005: What are the 4 Dream Killing Habits You Must Avoid before Launching that Dream Idea!

This week’s episode of The 5 Minute Success Blueprint was inspired by a blog post, Your Spiritual Mustard Seed~Timing is Everything, written by one of my Southern Warrior Sisters, Marlas Triplett Sells.
Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing what’s impossible. ~ Francis Assisi
In this episode, I talk about the 4 Dream Killing Habits You Must Avoid before Launching that Dream Idea!

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For those who have not listened to my last podcast, 5 Ways to Find Your Inner Genius & Get Unstuck; here is a chance to listen in again.

Here are Some “Wisdom Nuggets” from the Show
Procrastination is a deadly killer and not an option for anyone who desires success.

 Laziness comes in different forms. Which one are you operating under?

StubbornnessNot willing to learn or take advice, particularly from people who have gone the path you are about to venture into, is massacre for anything you desire to do.
Letting go of the past is a painful process we must intentional submit to, if we are ever going to see our dream fulfilled.

Extra Thought-provoking idea:
Not willing to invest in oneself by learning and seeking out mentors is a completely counterproductive move.

I hope you have enjoyed what was shared in this podcast today. We must learn to take our life one day at a time, conquering one weakness at a time. But that will only happen if we make the decision to INTENTIONALLY TAKE ACTION, no matter how painful it may seem.
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What dream killing habits do you have now that you know you must let go of, in order to successfully launch your dream idea? Share your thoughts in the comment section here (or scroll down) - LOG IN TO COMMENT AREA

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