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Friday, January 23, 2015

A “Must Read” Life Lesson I learned from Jeff Goins’~The Art of Work by African Oscar Winning Screenwriter- Princess Fumi Hancock

What is the Pivotal “Must Read: Life Lesson I learned by reading  Jeff Goins’ latest Hit Book: The Art of Work?
~Award Winning Storyteller: Princess Fumi Hancock

Is this truly a Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant To Do?
“So what separates a season of failure from a lifetime of failure?”- Jeff Goins: The Art of Work. Keep Reading!
The Art of Work by Jeff Goins' an awesome read 
Princess Fumi S. Hancock, RN, DNP
Bestselling Author, African Oscar Screenwriter, & Indiefest Film Merit Award Winner Reads  The Art of Work

Just Imagine: One Event Can Change Your Life Forever!

Hello Friends,
“One Event Can Change Your Life Forever” is a phrase many of my readers have heard me use often enough. I am an advocate for finding one pivotal event in our lives which can become a transformation catalyst.

My Social Proof:
Learn Why What I Share About this Book Matters!
Well, you may be wondering why a 5x times Bestselling Author, African Oscar Winning Screenwriter, and an Indiefest Film Award Filmmaker for Of Sentimental Value is so excited about The Art of Work by Jeff Goins.
For those who are not yet familiar with my work, my bestselling novel, Of Sentimental Value (which is currently on the amazon bestseller’s list and have been for months!) was made into a feature film (a taste of the Nashville, TN VIP Pre-screening:: Royalty Meets Hollywood in Nashville TN~http://youtu.be/s0LlaKZyI7Y); LA Pre-screening was not bad either:  http://youtu.be/D4HlAjuwJEE) to be released this year and just got a 7 year world-wide distribution deal with Green Apple Entertainment. The reviews have been awesome with an incredible Dove Foundation seal of approval! Woot! Woot!

Need More Social Proof?

Check out my African Oscar Nominated TV Show: http://www.princessinsuburbia.com

The Truth

The truth is regardless of how much success you have or not have, YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING. Just few months ago, I came across a writing course called Intentional Blog. Oh wow! Not too many things in life amaze or amuse me, but Jeff Goins’ integrity radiates through all of his videos and the meetings we had during the course.  I am yet to complete the class but have implemented so much of what I have learned already and on my way to yet another height of success– THIS TIME in the blogging world.

My Discovery:

I discovered I had been blogging the wrong way! I gained clarity with my message. Most of all, this has transcended into other parts of my writing career (authorship & screenwriting).

Isn’t that what Jeff Goins’ New Hit book is about?
A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant To Do.

A Life Lesson I garnered from the book
~ that I would love to share with you all today: Page 123 of the Book. but wait to follow~ you’d have to pick up your own copy: CLICK HERE

                                                    The Art of Work by Jeff Goins Rocks

Okay, welcome back. Now that you have picked up your own copy, let’s go over to Page 123:
Jeff Goins asks: “So what separates a season of failure from a lifetime of failure?”
He writes: “First, you must be willing to recognize hardship as an opportunity to learn, willing yourself to push through failure. Secondly, you must be careful not to succeed at the wrong things! Pay attention to passion and beware of temptation of success.”

you will have to purchase the book to enjoy the other wisdom nuggets hidden in every page of the book.

This book has been an incredibly eye-opening adventure. I am not done with it but wanted to share parts which are incredibly useful to me.

I do not endorse many but TODAY, I wholeheartedly endorse JEFF GOINS’~ The Art of Work
Jeff Goins has inspired me to continue this discussion on my 5 Minute Success Blueprint Podcast. The book is truly a success blueprint for everyday living. Be in the look out for it shortly. In the meantime, do download your app: HERE

Until Next Time,

Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Authentic, and Be Of Sentimental Value
Princess Fumi Hancock, The Princess of Suburbia Speaks Out of Success Talks about Jeff Goins
Princess Fumi Hancock is the Princess of Suburbia®, a bestselling author, African Oscar-winning Storyteller, Speaker, TV & Radio Host, and a Dreamweaver (President, Let’s Go Innovate ™ & Adassa Adumori Foundation). She is also the Creator of The SUCCESS LAUNCH BLUEPRINT & YOUR INNER YOU, a program & blog which help her clients to discover, ignite, launch and turn their passion into profit, fearlessly without going broke!. Princess Fumi is also the Ringleader of the Southern Warrior Sisters Tribe. Follow her blog and get an early start at boosting your self-esteem for successful living while employing successful tips for maximizing your career or business. Connect with Princess Fumi on Twitter, Twitter 2, Facebook,/ Facebook 2, Blog, 5 Minute Success Blueprint Podcast, Radioand Youtube Channel.

Success Blueprint for YOUR INNER YOU: HERE
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A Success Blueprint for Your Inner You

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