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Monday, January 19, 2015

11 Incredible Qualities of a Difference Maker: MLK’s Life Showcased

Discussion on the life of matin Luther King, the heroic habits with Princess Fumi hancock 
Princess Fumi Hancock is the Princess of Suburbia®, a bestselling author, African Oscar winning Storyteller, Speaker, TV & Radio Host, and a Dreamweaver (President, Let's Go Innovate ™ & Adassa Adumori Foundation). She is also the Creator of The SUCCESS LAUNCH BLUEPRINT & YOUR INNER YOU, a program & blog which help her clients to discover, ignite, launch and turn their passion into profit, fearlessly without going broke!. Princess Fumi is also the Ringleader of the Southern Warrior Sisters Tribe. Follow her blog and get an early start at boosting your self-esteem for successful living while employing successful tips for maximizing your career or business. Connect with Princess Fumi on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, 5 Minute Success Blueprint Podcast, Radio, and Youtube Channel
11 Incredible Qualities of a Difference Maker: MLK's Life Showcased       Martin-Luther-King-The-King-Years

As we celebrate the Martin Luther King's day
, I cannot help but be in awe at all of the accomplishments he made during his life time. Many often think being a difference maker is luxurious or glamorous. Well, if you have been a difference maker at some capacity, you will know it is in fact the opposite.
 10 Facts You Dont know about martin Lutehr King

A Little background on Martin Luther King: Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) was a civil rights leader, 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Baptist minister but most of all, he was an husband of a father.
Martin Luther King is one of the most celebrated civil rights leader

Did you know this about the man?

(1) He was jailed 29 times
(2) He was admitted to college at the age of 15
(3) His last speech was a premonition about his impending death
(4). His mother was reported to have died as a result of a gun shot wound Two years ago, I got to attend a breakfast in honor of the man right here in Nashville, TN. Thanks to my girlfriend, Yolanda Shields, CEO of Let's Go Innovate, coaching company we both run.

Today, I share with you a 12 minute taping we did honoring the man and moving right into the importance of taking ones' vision back! This video also discussed out last Let's Go Innovate.

African Oscar nominated Show:
Princess in Suburbia(R) Lifestyle TV Show An Episode from the Vault: On the Princess in Suburbia(R) Lifestyle TV Show, Princess Fumi Hancock and Yolanda Shields tackle the issue of Taking Back Ones Vision, mirroring MLK's Life

Princess Fumi Hancock discussing MLK (Martin Luther King's) Life

So, what are the Qualities of a Difference Maker?
(1). He or she is selfless;
(2). He/she is a visionary, who looks and sees ahead of others, and would most times see what others do not see at the present moment;
(3). He/she is authentic in his/her dealings with people;
(4). He /she is people conscious, service focused with a global impact at heart;
(5). He/she is bold, confident, and committed to the cause, even if it means laying down their lives for it;
(6). He/her convictions causes/ steer people to positive massive actions beneficial to their immediate environment and the world at large;
(7). He/she understands the times/seasons they are in and operate within that spiritual season; (8). When he/she speaks, people listen!
(9). They are human and would often make mistakes. But they have learned not to park their life boat and anchor is to the mistake but make that one event in their life, however terrific it may have been... they have learned to use it as a transformation catalyst; thrusting them and their vision, mission, and goal to the next level.
(10). They are life learners, always educating themselves about their surroundings and their causes. (11). Above all, they are DREAM MAKERS & DREAM WEAVERS to others.
One event can change your life forever

I leave you with this question, are You a Difference Maker?
If not, what is keeping you from becoming one?
If yes, what goals have you set for yourself to even be better this year?
What vision, mission, and goal are you willing to die for?
For those looking to discover their passion in life? This is a bug clue.

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Until Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, and Most of all Be Authentic.

It's Your Gal, Princess Fumi Hancock, RN, Ph.D.
Storyteller, Speaker, Wealth Generation Expert, and a Dreamweaver
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